Even though a machine may look like ours please check it says Crazy Cranes on it. Not all machines are made to our high quality and high standards. Many cranes from Asian factories are not made to be operated outside the country of origin. They are also not safe, not compliant and use inferior parts inside. They can have thin plastics that are easy to break leaving sharp edges that can cut people, especially small children. No one needs this type of headaches. If you buy the wrong machine once how can you afford to buy again?

Crazy Cranes is the number one provider of crane and direct redemption machines and products in Australia, it’s the name you can trust! We have a large range of crane machines that suit any requirements.


Cranes and Direct Redemption Machines, NRL, Plush Toys, Spare Parts

Crazy Cranes supplies a range of crane, skill tester, vending, and other amusement products. With extensive experience in the industry, we know what products work best in the marketplace, and supply the latest and greatest products. We supply a wide range of quality plush toys and lower-priced novelty items for cranes/skill testers and stock a large range of spare parts and NRL products.